Wheelie Bin Locking Stand with signage
Wheelie Bin Locking Stand close up of locking mechanism

Wheelie Bin Locking Stand

Sale price$1,721.55

GST incl


This three bay wheelie bin locking stand allows you to lock three wheelie bins into a galvanised steel stand with a padlock.  The stand is adjustable to allow any size of wheelie bin from 80 litres through to 240 litres.  The stand can be dynabolted into concrete.

Price is inclusive of freight for most regions of NZ.  **Note - prices subject to confirmation, due to the rapidly increasing cost of steel**  Price does not include ACM signage.  Please contact us if you require a quote for this.  

Also available as a two bay unit ($1,552.50) or a four bay unit ($1,917.12).

Wheelie bins and padlocks not included.  Assembly required.