Hungry Bin Worm Farm
Hungry Bin Worm Farm

Hungry Bin Worm Farm

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The Hungry Bin is a worm farm bin designed to reduce your food waste and at the same time produce high quality compost for your garden. It can process up to 2 kgs a day of food waste.

The tapered design means that the worms and food scraps stay at the top, and the worm castings and liquid fertiliser fall to the bottom. No heavy lifting or handling of worms is required to remove the fertiliser. The bin is on large wheels to allow it to be easily moved.

Assembly is simple and full instructions are provided.

Please contact us at if you have any questions that are not answered here or in the information sheets below.

PURCHASING DETAILS (all figures GST inclusive)

The bin costs $349.00 (excluding freight, worms and bedding material - see below).

Freight - please click on 'Add To Quote' to supply us with your delivery address and confirm whether this is a residential address. 

Note: to ensure maximum freshness of your worms, these should be ordered separately later. We recommend that you wait until you have unpacked your Hungry Bin, assembled it and added bedding material before you order your worms. The worms cost $75.00 plus freight of $6.90 ($5.00 extra for rural delivery).  There is a 10% discount voucher that comes with the bin which can be applied to this purchase.

You will need some bedding material to get your worm farm started. This can be compost, soil, potting mix, dead leaves, shredded paper or coconut fibre. Ideally you will need 80 litres of bedding material (equivalent to two bags of potting mix or compost).

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