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Total Bins have supported us through a major roll out to improve recycling facilities for students in all our common areas and kitchens.

We set out to improve access to recycling for students, to set up a four bin recycling system, improve our signage, and most importantly get out waste to landfill down. So far we’ve reduced our waste by 67 tonnes. Response from staff and students has been positive with most excited to see that we are taking recycling and composting seriously.

Total Bins helped acheive this by providing great advice and options for us. Providing samples for us to pilot and test on campus to see if they would meet the demands of campus life. Delivering our orders on time and at all times providing excellent customer service.

We had some hurdles to face when in implementing recycling but Total Bins designed a system that met our budgetary needs without compromising on clear communication about how to recycle on campus. We overcame this by using common signage and colour themes on different bin systems in different locations.

Total Bins provides a friendly, highly professional, proactive level of service, solution design and products.

Caroline Cox - Sustainability Manager.


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