Recycling labels - 25 x 31 cm

$22.94 (incl. GST)
Bulk pricing available on request

Printed on a laminated adhesive these labels are made to last. Our labels have an outdoor life 4 years and in addition have a laminating film protecting against UV-rays.

Perfect size for the front of a wheelie bin and suitable for use outdoors and on bins that require cleaning. Can be printed for you with your preferred wording, colours or logo. ACM backing also available for signboards and labels so you can screw them into posts or walls.

Wording available:
- Landfill only
- All Plastics
- Mixed Recycling
- All Recyclables
- Paper & Card
- All Glass
- Clear Glass
- Green Glass
- Brown Glass
- Worm Bin
- Compost
- Food Scraps
- Meat Scraps
- Cans Aluminium
- Cans Steel
- Batteries Cellphones

Please email us at to request any labels or variations of labels not available to order through our online store.

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