Brabantia 60M clotheslines reduced by 20% to $234.60. Hungry Bins reduced from $325 to $310.

Public Event Lids for Wheelie Bins

$124.20 (incl. GST)
Bulk pricing available on request

A standout solution for recycling and waste separation. Event Lids are easily placed onto wheelie bins to create a foolproof recycling system, clearly differentiating waste streams. This versatile solution can then be wheeled around for use in different indoor or outdoor environments. Ideal for use in schools, universities and stadiums - great for everyday use or for large events.

Available in red (rubbish), blue (glass), yellow (recycling) and green (organics).

120L - 504mmW x 508mmL x 274mmH
240L - 590mmW x 670mmL x 360mmH


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