Nitrile anti-fatigue mat (open top) - 150 x 90 cms

$189.07 (incl. GST)
Bulk pricing available on request

This nitrile rubber anti-fatigue mat is designed to form a comfortable and safe platform to stand on for long periods. The open construction allows water and other liquids to pass through the holes. It is therefore ideal for use on wet floors. Its moulded bevelled edging on all four sides allows trolleys to move over the mat.

The nitrile rubber composition prevents the mat from breaking down when exposed to oil and grease.

Suitable for a wide range of environments, including factories, workshops, kitchens and retail counters. Can be used indoors and outdoors.

Dimensions (approx):-
Depth 90 cms
Length 150 cms
Height/thickness 1.2 cms

Can be custom made with longer lengths - please contact us for a quote.

Colour: terracotta

This product is shipped freight free within New Zealand.


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