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Now selling disposable face masks (see Bathroom/Sanitary) and Method 60L PPE bins.

Method 60 Litre Office Recycling Bins

Designed and made in New Zealand, these bins have been called the "Dyson of Office Recycling".

The Method Station is easily customised. Choose how many bins you need, which recycling streams you need and where the bins are best located. Connectors (sold separately) lock the bins together to form a station. A patented mechanism locks the plastic bag in place so it is not seen.

Method bins are a visual statement that you are committed to recycling and sustainable initiatives.

Prices are as follows:-
- $201.25 incl GST ($175.00 excl GST) open top bin
- $281.75 incl GST ($245.00 excl GST) touch to open bin

The waste stream, colour and lid options available are as follows. The most commonly purchased streams are Landfill and Mixed recycling.

- Landfill; red (open/touch to open) or grey (touch to open only)
- Mixed recycling; amber (open/touch to open) - plastics, glass and cans
- Soft plastics; white (open only)
- Paper; grey (open only)
- Plastics and cans; amber/yellow (open/touch to open) - see note below
- Comingled recycling; amber/yellow (open/touch to open) - plastics, glass, cans and paper - see note below
- Glass; blue (open/touch to open)
- Organics; green (open/touch to open)
- Personal Protection Equipment; blue (open only), not currently on website so please email us for this option

Note: the colours of the open comingled 60L bins, and the open/closed plastics & cans 60L bins, are in the process of transitioning from amber to yellow (brighter shade than amber).

Please contact us on 0800 835 725 or at for assistance in selecting the right bins for your circumstances.


Width 350mm
Depth 350 mm
Height 755 mm
Height when lid open (touch to open bin) 1010 mm
60 litre capacity
Made from polypropylene including 50% recycled materials which is fully recyclable.

This is calculated as follows:-
Auckland Metro area - $5.75 incl GST per bin
Rest of North Island - $11.50 incl GST per bin
South Island - $23.00 incl GST per bin
All other New Zealand islands - must be quoted

For orders of four or more bins (or for offshore islands) we recommend that you email us so we can provide a custom freight quote. We reserve the right to amend freight costs where the website rate is inaccurate (mainly areas classed as rural delivery). This applies in a very small number of cases.

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