Method 20 Litre Office Recycling Bins

$119.60 (incl. GST)
Bulk pricing available on request

Following the runaway success of their 60 litre office recycling bins, Method has now introduced a range of 20 litre bins.

The Method 20s are designed for smaller spaces such as meeting rooms, kitchens and individual offices, to ensure consistent recycling throughout an organisation. They are available as open top bins and have the same colour coding as their 60 litre counterparts.

The Method 20 Litre bins are available for the following waste streams:

- Landfill; Red
- Mixed Recycling; Yellow (glass, plastics & cans)
- Co-mingled Recycling; Yellow (glass, plastics, cans & paper)
- Plastics & Cans; Yellow
- Organics; Green
- Paper; Grey
- Glass; Blue

The Method 20s are manufactured from polypropylene. They are fully recyclable, and made of 50% recycled materials.

There is also a specially designed range of green compostable bin liners for these bins - see link below. As with the 60L bins, the liner is not visible once the lid is in place.

Bin dimensions:-
Width 28.5 cms
Depth 28.5 cms
Height 40.0 cms

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