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140L/240L Compostable wheelie bin liners

$184.00 (incl. GST)
Bulk pricing available on request

These compostable wheelie bin liners are made from corn starch.

• 140L - Carton of 100 bags; 90cm H x 135cm H (suitable for 120L wheelie bins)

• 240L - Carton of 120 bags; 112.5cm W x 15cm H

Certified compostable to Australian and European standards:

✓ Australian Standard (AS4736-2006)
✓ European Standard (EN13432-2000)
✓ American Standard (ASTM D6400)

Check the date of manufacture printed on the label, they expire approximately 8 months from this date.

Compostable bags are designed to breakdown so we advise changing your liner every 2-3 days to avoid them breaking down in your bin.

Avoid: Excessive moisture, sharp objects and storing them in temperatures over 19C.


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